Life according to God’s Direction

The presence of God guided the people of Israel while in the desert as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. They did not proceed in their wanderings to where or when or how they wanted to, but exclusively according to the direction of God. Every time the people […]

The LORD bless you and keep You

In this week’s Torah portion, the priestly blessing is mentioned, among other things. Yes, God loves to bless His people and His children! His face shining upon us is the greatest blessing that we can ask for. What a grace it is to know that He protects and takes care of us, and grants us […]

You Shall Not Have Idols!

In this week’s Torah portion, it’s written that God desires that the people of Israel whom He had redeemed from slavery in Egypt to freedom, would be His slaves. Likewise, it’s written that they were to remove all the idols from among them. In the same way, God has redeemed us from slavery to sin […]

This week’s Torah portion “Emor”: Revenge is the Lord’s

God is a God of justice. In this week’s Torah portion, He specifies the principles of how to administer proper judgment. Society must protect that one who has become a victim of wrongdoing. In this way we see God’s holiness as One who issues worthy penalty to the one who commits a crime. He also […]

Weekly Devotional on Holiness/Parashat “Kedoshim”

Three times in this week’s Torah portion, God calls His people to holiness because He Himself is holy. He is separate and different in His greatness and in His being from everyone and everything else that ever was, is, or will be. He is perfect and there is no sin in Him, and only He […]

Weekly Devo on Leprosy; Torah portion “Metzurah”

This week’s Torah portion speaks about leprosy, which reminds us very much of sin. Leprosy, like sin, begins and spreads very slowly, doesn’t hurt in its first stages, desensitizes and shuts down the senses, causes decay and distortion of the sick person’s body, and eventually it’s even difficult to identify the leper who has lost […]

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