Creating and publishing educational Messianic Literature for teaching the children and youth in the body of Messiah in Israel. 

Our vision is to prepare and distribute Messianic (Christian) educational literature for the teaching of children and youth in the body of the Messiah in Israel, so that they will be skilled in the use of the Scriptures, and able to use and apply them on their own. The materials which we produce are written from the Hebrew scriptures (not translated), and reflect the real life issues in Israel.

Israel has about 200 congregations with a growing number of children. There is a great need for:

  • Biblical educational materials.
  • Helps for parents in teaching the Word of God to their children — Christian books for all ages.
  • Aids for teaching all ages in the different Christian settings (camps, congregations, homes, clubs etc….).

Medallion is a project of the NGO HaAguda Hameshihit vehashlihit.

What is Medallion doing to meet these needs?

  1. Medallion writes culturally appropriate teaching materials from the original Hebrew text.
  2. Medallion writes teacher helps.
  3. Medallion teaches seminars for teachers at the college level, teachers at lay level, and parents at family seminars.
  4. Medallion writes devotionals for children, teens and families.
  5. Medallion translates the teachers manuals into Russian, English for new immigrant teachers, and into Arabic for the Arabic speaking congregations.
  6. Medallion is working to enlarge the almost non-existent Hebrew language Christian literature shelf.

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