Terms and Conditions for the use of the Medallion Israel Website


  1. The Medallion website (following called ‘the site’) is a website that is used for information, visualization and a virtual store for web users in Israel and out of Israel.
  2. Each person, 18 years or older, is permitted to view the content of this site, to download documents and media, such as pictures and videos, and to order and purchase, subject to his agreement to the terms of use described here. If you are under the age of 18 you are requested to leave this website.
  3. When you use this website, you declare that you know that the site ‘Medallion Israel’ belongs to the NGO “HaAguda HaMeshihit VeHashlichit’, which is a Christian organization that publishes materials of which the purpose of them is to teach Christian/Messianic children and youth the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
  4. The website belongs to “Ha Aguda Hameshihit Vehashlichit” RA no. 58-004-409-7 (Medallion) and you are welcome to take part in it under the terms and conditions stated below. Using the website, either in ordering, purchasing, downloading free materials or surfing the website, you agree to follow the privacy policy of the website as well as this document of terms and conditions of use.
  5. The website managers reserve the right to update from time to time the terms and conditions of use in this document, with no prior notification or mentioned in any of the website’s avenues.
  6. The user agrees not to upload or type into the website any information containing viruses, time bombs, worms, trojan horses, or other computer programing routines that will disturb, will damage or intercept or ruin any system in the website and the information in it, or will infringe on the property rights of “Medallion Israel” and/or a third party.
  7. The use of this website and all its content and services in it, including downloads, media such as pictures, videos and other content presented to the web serfers in the site, may change from time to time or depending on the content. Along with that, “Medallion Israel” does is not obligated to keep the website up and running, or it might temporarily shut the website down, as decided by the website manger with not prior notification.

 Intellectual property

  1. The website, along with all the information in it, including the website design, site code, media files, that include graphics, logo, videos, pictures, texts and different downloadable files and any other material presented in the website, belong in full to this website and are the intellectual property of “Medallion Israel” alone and no permission is granted to anyone without prior written consent from “Medallion Israel”.

In addition, no permission is granted to distribute, copy, publish, advertise, take or modify any code, graphics, videos, trademark, or any media or other content without prior written consent from “Medallion Israel”. Any one who will or try to infringe on the intellectual property rights of “Medallion Israel” will be subject to prosecution by the relevant legal entities.

Website Content

  1. We aspire to provide you the information in this website with no problems, but it could happen that for technical issues, third party or others mishaps, there will be issues with the availability of the website. For this reason, we cannot always commit to the website being available and there will be given no financial or other compensation if such a situation would occur.
  2. External links to the website are not necessarily guaranteed as a safe, good, trustworthy or quality website. Visiting the linked website is done by your own choice and is your sole responsibility.
  3. The responsibility for third party advertising on the website is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The website takes no responsibility for content and reliability of third party advertisements and does not encourage the visitors on the site to purchase what is advertised in the third party advertisements.
  4. The content of this website is the sole proporty of “HaAguda HaMeshichit VeHashlichit”, and it is not permitted to use it in any other way then is written in this document (see section 8), except if otherwise stated that the copy rights belong to another party. In this case it is the visitor on the website’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions of use in the linked website the content belongs to.
  5. It is not permissible to use any of the website content in order to make a profit or for commercial use.
  6. The user of the content in this website commits to use the downloads or printed material from this website for his personal use only according to the specific instructions given on each page of the website.
  7. In every download the user agrees to leave the logo of “Medallion Israel” on the pages and not make any changes or modifications to the content. In addition, the user agrees not to store any information from this website in other internet websites without explicit written permission from “Medallion Israel”.

Manage users and site visitors

  1. The manager of the website reserves the right to block any user, by blocking the IP or MACID of the computer, or even by country or origin without giving any explanation.
  2. The staff of the website will do all that is in his power to protect the user information of those registered on the website. In an occasion of the information falling into the hands of a third party, the registered users and the surfers in this website will not sue and will have no complaint or demand towards “Medallion Israel”, “HaAguda Hameshihit Vehashlichit” or the staff of those organizations.
  3. The managers of the website reserve the right to decide if to publish or if to cancel or delete visitors’ comments.
  4. If the visitor on the website violates the terms and conditions of use of this website and the provision of the law, Medallion Israel (“HaAguda Hameshihit Vehashlichit”) is permitted to disclose his name and the details known to him at his discretion, even if a court order is not given in the matter, and you herby wave any claims toward Medallion Israel, it’s managers and employees concerning the disclosure of the said details.
  5. If the visitor on the website violates the terms and conditions of use of this website and/or the provision of the law and/or the rights of a third party, he will be required, if the owners of the website so choose, to indemnify “Medallion Israel” (“HaAguda Hameshihit Vehashlichit”), its workers, its managers and any of its employees or anyone else on its behalf, for any damages, loss of profit, any other losses, payments or expenses incurred by them, including attorney’s fees and court cost.
  6. If and when the court of law, or any other qualified judicial entity, will decide that any of the sections in this document is invalid or unlawful, it will not invalidate the rest of the document or other parts of the section that was canceled or reduced.

Purchasing from the website, payment, supply and canceling a transaction

  1. The pictures in the website are for illustration purposes only.
  2. “Medallion Israel” reserves the right to update the prices on the website at any time and with no prior notice. The valid price for each transaction is the price quoted on the website at the time of the purchase.
  3. The prices of the products do not include shipping.
  4. If a customer decides to collect the products from the “Medallion Office” it is up to them to coordinate a time to do so with the Medallion staff.
  5. “Medallion Israel” does always not commit to having a stock of all the products. If the product is not in stock, the customer will not be charged for it.
  6. The website “Medallion Israel” is the property of “HaAguda HaMeshichit VeHashlichit”, which is registered NGO therefore the prices do not include VAT according to Israeli law.
  7. If you ordered products from outside of Israel, you might be subject to taxes and other tariffs in the country to which the products are sent to. These taxes and other tariffs are not included in the product price and will be additional to the price. It is your sole responsibility to pay these taxes and tariffs according to the provisions in the law to which the products are sent.
  8. Canceling an order will be done directly to the “Medallion” office through the details listed in the ‘contact us’ page. If the request to void the order will reach the office before the products were sent out, the customer will receive a full refund of order.
  9. Cancellation of a transaction due to a defect in the product or a non-conformity (section 14 ה (א) in the customer protection law) -will be done directly to the “Medallion” office through the details listed in the ‘contact us’ page. In this case “Medallion” will cancel the charge or return the sum that was payed pending the return of the product to the “Medallion” office, according to Israeli law.
  10. Cancellation of a transaction due to a defect in the product or a non-conformity (section 14 ה (ב) in the customer protection law) will be done in writing. It is required to return the product to the “Medallion” office in new condition’ with no defect and in it’s original packaging. It is required to return all things that were in the package.

If the product that was ordered was returned and received in the “Medallion” office in new condition, with no defect and in its original packaging, “Medallion” will return  the sum payed for the product, less the cost of shipping, within 14 days of receiving the returned product.

  1. If any problem arises with the order, contact the “Medallion” office directly through the details listed in the ‘contact us’ page.

The above does not detract from “Medallion’s” right to claim damages, because of the value of the product decreasing due to mishandling or other factors. If the product has been damaged Medallion reserves the right to give only a partial refund.

Full Disclosure

  1. This website uses cookies (especially for registered users and subscribers) and internal statistic interfaces to keep anonymous statistic records of website users and analysis of website users’ movements in the website, their surfing habits, clicks and time on site pages.

At all times, except those connected to the website, the information kept is completely anonymous and does not have the name of the user or any other identifying information.


  1. When using the website and a dispute arises you agree that the said above is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Israeli law, using the Israeli judicial system in Jerusalem alone.
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