Who Are We?

We are a group of people who believe Yeshua, Jesus, is the messiah. This faith is built upon the fact that Yeshua fulfilled all the Biblical Messianic prophecies. Read here our statement of faith.

Medallion is an Acronym in Hebrew that spells out: From God’s Word for Children and Youth. The spiritual life of our children is at the top of our priorities. We see it as our responsibility to provide families and congregations Messianic materials in the highest of quality to assist them in instructing their children in the way of the Bible and in the teaching of Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ.

We work to train parents and teachers to be effective teachers of the Bible.

Medallion operates under the auspice of the Israeli non-profit Ha Aguda Hameshihit VeHashlichit no. 58-004-409-7

Our goal

We exist in order to prepare and distribute educational Messianic literature to instruct children in the body of Messiah in Israel and in the world and to train teachers. The materials are written in a way that will help the children become knowledgeable in the Bible and independent in the use of it and through this bring them to salvation. We want to see the children grow in their faith to become mature adults who serve God in every place they go.

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